Friday, June 14, 2013

Three Things Thursday

What can you cook that is out of this world?

Before I was gluten free I was known for my homemade pizza and chocolate cake. Now I’m not quite sure. I make some really delicious fried rice and boxed gluten free brownies. I learned that i was gluten intolerant with enterolab but then also was told to go gluten free by my thyroid doctor. I’ve been hypothyroid for about 2 years now.

Mountains or water?

I would have to say water or lakes. Mountains are beautiful and snowboarding is fun but when I’m out in the mountains it makes me dizzy and out of breath. I live in the land of 10,000 lakes so I <3 water and going up to the cabin to swim.

Funny Childhood Memory?

My mom always tells a story about How I would steal sun glasses and put on my cowboy boots and starts jumping on my sisters bed in my diaper.

Here is how it works: Remember those emails that used to go around all the time, the ones that were like 20 questions about you and you were supposed to answer them and email to all of your friends to let them learn new things about you? Well, we are bringing them back with a twist!
In today’s busy world sometimes we don’t get to know people as well as we would like to so Eco Baby Mama Drama and I thought we would bring back a fun getting to know you weekly feature.
We will post three questions and give up the answers for each question to let you learn more about us. You see many reviews from us so we want to give you the chance to learn other things about the green gals behind the reviews!  Hopefully you learn some fun facts and aren’t too shocked!


  1. I miss those pizza days sometimes

    1. Me too they were delicious. I need to find a gf recipe as good.