Thursday, June 13, 2013

Kindergarten curriculum Plan 2013-2014

Next Year Hayli will be in Kindergarten. But we are going to home school both girls for kindergarten next year so essentially they will be doing the same things.

For math I received some math manipulation toys from a friend who was no longer homeschooling (thanks again). It was originally a saxon set. I will be using it with Math Mammoth worksheets. That I think I will print out and have it spiral bound at staples or kinkos for each of the girls. I got the Math Mammoth cd from the Homeschool Co-op I love them. I also got some cheap lego education animals from them at about half price. I got the Light Blue series grades 1-6 for $75 and 2.95 buyers co-op fee. Which is much cheaper than singapore or saxon.
For Phonics, Spelling, Reading, Writing etc
We are going to be using Phonics Road.  I love, love, love Barbara Beers. I love her way of teaching and also met her at the MACHE conference in MN.  She teaches you the rules of english, which I didn’t learn in school. One thing that I learned was that when there is an e at the end of the word it makes the vowel before it say its name ex cake, plate etc. I’m pretty sure I was taught by sight reading/sight words.. So hopefully my writing on this blog will get better as I keep teaching the girls English and eventually Latin. I like that it will help the girls to learn Spanish, French, and Italian, as they get older too. The Phonics Road is on the expensive side $204.25 with the conference discount. But well worth it if I’m learning new things too.
For Literature
We are going to continue to go to the library every week and the girls get to pick out 3 books each and I look and find books about 10ish that I remember reading as a kid that look good to me. Cloudy with the chance of meatballs, etc. Also every night before bedtime we shut off the lights and have the girls in bed while either me or my husband read a chapter by the cracked door light. I have been recently reading the whole Narnia series, my husband was reading James and the Giant Peach. Sometime I wonder if they will remember the stories together. Like they will think that James went to Narnia with Lucy to see Tumnus in the Giant Peach. Oh well :)  We have also read the whole Little house series and mother goose stories.
For Art
We got Atelier. This was a conference spontaneous buy. Hayli is really into art and coloring so we decided that because it was her gift that we should splurge a little to teach her some techniques. I love that it doesn't tell you exactly what you are suppose to do, it more teaches you techniques and different  ways to express yourself. We did a demo of the first Line caterpillar and it was really Fun. Nick wants us to do it weekly on the weekend so that he can do it too. It was $166.44 with the conference discount.
I love history. So its important to me to teach it and also learn some things myself. We were recommended this curriculum by my sister in law and it had pretty good reviews on .  I love that it a read aloud. I will read a chapter every week and it also has activities in the activity book.  At Rainbow resources it was  Text -10.95, Test-$9.75, and Activity book was $22.95

I haven’t bought yet but I have a Berenstein bears book that is used in the Sonlight kindergarten, that was recommended by many people. I am also going to use the God’s Design for Life, which has 3 sections, Plants, Animals and Human Body.

Character Building
This is pretty important to me. Its one of the reasons that I am homeschooling is that I want my girls to have good character. I found a book series that I want to use this year because it is based on reading stories (which I love). They have 3 different kinds of stories. One biblical, one historical, and one “today” story.
So that is what our kindergarten curriculum is going to look like for this year. I’m so excited to start planning our days.


  1. Looks good! Thanks for sharing! I am interested in how you are going to teach the foreign languages.

  2. The Latin I was going to teach after Phonics Road. The same company has a curriculum called Latin Road. So that should be an easy transition. I've been told that its really easy to learn the other Latin based languages after you learn Latin because you don't have to relearn many vocab words. I would really like to teach Chinese or Japanese as an extra language too. Since I don't know either language, I'm stuck with doing a class that they go to (Expensive), a video-game or a show they watch. I haven't found much that I like though. My Library has mango languages, which includes Mango Little Pim. The girls have watched some of the videos but they seem kinda young for my girls,perhaps better for a 1-3 year old. It doesn't keep there attention. People on the internet have suggested Rosetta stone but my girls don't know how to read much better than bob books. So I haven't found the right curriculum for a language yet either.

  3. I love reading blogs from mommies new to homeschooling. We've been homeschooling 12 years now. I'm always excited for new families. It's going to be so much easier for you to teach both your girls the same thing. I use The Story of the World, too. My kids love it. We use that to supplement our Time4Learning History. For science I want to suggest
    You can find some demos at the site to try out.

    Enjoy your homeschooling journey!

    1. I'm excited to start it was really fun looking for the curriculum. I don't know how to plan our days so it works for us/me to keep on track. Generally I'm a list person not a calender person, unless the calender has lists, instead of times to do things. Thanks for the link I'll look at it. Is it from the homeschool coop? I know that time 4 learning is on there.