Monday, June 17, 2013

My Thyroid Journey

My thyroid journey started in 2010 the winter I started running in December. I was starting something for myself after having 2 beautiful girls. 2009 and 2008 My goal was to run a marathon with world vision in October 2011 I had 11 months. It was the 30th anniversary for the Twin Cities Marathon the one that I wanted to race.
I started by running one min and walking one min. In the winter time it was cold but I kept on. My first race was the polar dash. It was 9 degrees that day.
By the time they had group runs in April I could run about 3-4 miles slow. Like 12 min miles slow.  Each month I got slower, by the end in October I could run 17 miles at a 14-16 min pace but didn’t finish the marathon.
At the same time I was having upper right quadrant pain right below my ribs, It was very sharp like a knife and I had to hold my breath or else it hurt more. The doctors thought at first that it could be costochondritis, arthritis  or a gallstone. They did many tests and had now idea what was wrong with me. A doctor even asked me. “Do you have any ideas of what it could be?”  I told them celiac runs in my family and they tested me for that but it came back negative. In an effort to go over all the bases a doctor gave me a thyroid test tsh only and an iron test. My iron was dreadfully low at (hemoglobin) @ 9 when 13 is the cutoff for normal. My Tsh was 6. The doctor told me to wait about a month and come back and see if my tsh would do in that time.  My mom also at this time gifted me a test from Enterolab see if I was gluten intolerant, and it came back positive.

I went gluten free like probably half of my family is at this point and new people in my family are finding out all the time that they too need to be gluten free. So I started gluten free and my sharp pains disappeared. Whenever I eat gluten now the sharp pains come back and I also feel nauseous like I’m going to throw up. My skin also reacts to wheat, but only when the skin is broken not just when making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. The next month I went in and my TSH was 16, by this time I could barely get up from the couch all day except to make lunch. The girls were very patient with me and my husband made supper almost everyday, if I tried sometimes I’d need a chair to sit on. It took a good year to get my iron, tsh, and now Vitamin d up. About 6 months into that journey I found Thyroid Sexy on Facebook and it really helped me to understand my condition and also know how to read my results for myself and what supplements might help me. My Mother in law  was also a help in finding a doctor who--- would listen and that doctor prescribed me Armour and told me I should go gluten free for my hypothyroid. In Jan 2013, I was starting to feel tired again and they tested my vitamin d and it was really low, and they prescribed the 50,000 a week. Now that My vitamin d, tsh and iron are the right levels I finally feel normal again or as normal as I can. I ran the Polar Dash again this year

And Its still my dream to run a marathon.

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