Monday, June 24, 2013

Our New Door Project

We got a new door! Our old door had a dog door on the bottom and we haven't had a dog for 4 years.
The Dilemma is that the new door is glass (Privacy) and needs desperately to be painted. 
Its a lovely light purple with cream trim door which coincidentally almost matches our gate door (which we cannot change.)
 I think for the color I want blue.  The two I like are
I really like this Robin egg blue, but it is also almost the same color as my bathroom. 
I like this royal blue. The color will always remind me of Kate Middleton's Engagement dress
Our other problem is the Glass. You can see down our whole hall.
Of course this invites silly smashed faces on the glass.
My husband actually works for a vinyl company and they make window decals etc. So my first thought was to get some frosted glass vinyl and cut out some sort of design like this. 
The other option is getting curtains, but that seems like too much work.
Any Ideas of what you think I should do?

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