Friday, June 21, 2013

Lazy Mom's DIY outdoor doll craft

I spend quite a lot of time in the summer outside in our shared backyard. It has really old trees perhaps even 100 yrs old I don't know-Any Arborists around?
We don't have much toys outside just a couple of yellow buckets and Frisbees, that's all we really need. Sometimes I also make the girls little dolls. 
The Grass is hair and the leaf is a dress (use your imagination)
I poked a small hole just at the intersection of the veins of the leaf and made a knot. Instant Dress
Put the head side in the grass and twist. Instant hair...if its not windy. 
Then the dolls are bald.
I also made one with arms which was a little less lazy because you have to find a green bendy branch. 

The girls playing with the dolls, TURN THE SOUND OFF its really loud because of the wind.

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