Sunday, July 21, 2013

Running Again Day One and Why I love running

I started running again today.  One reason I have been less apt to run lately is because I don't have a smartphone anymore. In an effort to save money I got a really cheap phone with an even cheaper plan. I loved to see all the data I got from my runs at Map my run. It shows you how far you go, the pace, elevation, and splits of a mile.
Its funny how when you first start to run again after a hiatus you think you can go really far. Like today, after pretty much not running for 6 months. I was thinking oh maybe I'll go out an run a 5k with hills in 80 degree, humid super sunny weather. I made it 2.22 miles with half walking because of the heat! And I solved the gps dilemma by stealing my husbands phone for a half and hour.
I love lots of useless information. One thing that I love about running is that I see places I never would have seen otherwise. Especially if I go on a trip, running on the trails or through town, I get to see the real deal. I get to see or rather smell the turkey farms,the RV parks, the historical homes, the shops the wild grapevines, the boardwalk, the 80 year old man who passes me or the old barn.

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