Saturday, July 20, 2013


So since the spring time I feel like I've been bombarded with babies. Farm Babies at the zoo, people being pregnant, baby giveaways on blogs, royal (kate middleton's) baby, baby fever facebook posts
To me it symbolizes adding another to the family. Not necessarily by having another ourselves. Nick and I have always wanted to adopt. Even before we had Kairi I felt like our adopted kid was a part of our family. What I didn't expect is not being able to adopt. We looked at many agencies and they will not accept us either because I am not 30 or because we do not make enough money, being that we already have 2 kids. Right now I know we do not have a lot of space either, we have a 2 bed one bath with 2 girls and ourselves. Most agencies also put more emphasis on the people without kids or ones that cannot have kids. I understand that too, We have 2 beautiful girls and I am thankful. But in my heart of hearts, I know we have one that is waiting for us.
Even getting a coffee and I am again reminded that our family is not yet together. I have always wanted more than 2.  I think one reason we didn't have more right away is because I was sick with Kairi. Intraheptic Cholestasis of Pregnancy and Hypothyroid while Pregnant doesn't sound fun to me. One option we are considering right now is Fostering. We actually have an information meeting next week. I've been reading blogs about fostering. It's not all roses and sunshine. There is heartbreak, loss but also a lot of love. One great information source for Fostering is They have a 5 week information class online that you can subscribe to by email or just read online. Pray for us while we think about being a Foster family for a child. I know it is a big step, if we decide to take it.

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  1. Good luck on your journey. I hope it takes you where you want to go. We didn't even start our first adoption until I was 37, you still have a lot of time and mothering years ahead of you.

    I have a local friend who adopted through Dakota county foster care. PM me on Facebook if you want to pass on your email address to her.