Saturday, July 6, 2013

Erbert and Gerberts Gluten Free Subs- Review

I don't know if its because I haven't gotten a sub in so long or if it was just that good. I loved the Gluten free subs at Erbert and Gerbert. I had known there was one in my hometown for about 2 years but I never walked in the store. Probably because I had never heard of the place. Last week I saw that they had gluten free subs from Savvy Celiac I HAD TO GET ONE.
This is the Comet Morehouse. I had wanted to order a Flash but the cashier told me that, that sub is not totally gluten free :( 
Also I has a cheddar broccoli soup, that was marked Gluten free on the sign, but after looking at it online it says that its not gluten free. I haven't had any reaction yet so I assume its a different soup than the one with  the information online. Always ask which soup/which toppings are gluten free, and make sure that they use different gloves and don't contaminate. The franchise that we visited was pretty dead, we were the only ones there so it wasn't hard to watch how they were preparing it.
Verdict: The sub was delicious, I'm thinking they used Udis bread because it tasted very similar. The soup was disgusting. Maybe it was because it tasted so much like cheese...I don't like the strong smelly cheese taste. I told Nick that it tasted like Nacho cheese sauce with a little broccoli mixed in. (Not enough though) I saved it to put on a baked potato or use with tortilla chips for nachos :)

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